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Stellar Designs Jewelry

Cheryl and Alison are uber-cool mamas and real-life sisters that design, and hand-make all the jewelry in the Stellar Designs Jewelry line!

The “Stellar Sisters” – as they are affectionately called at craft shows – began making jewelry a looooong time ago…

They are located in Winnipeg, but have had customers from all around the world. Stellar Designs has been featured in local magazines, television shows, and at one point had over 50 different retail locations!

The sisters have decided to personally focus on promoting craft and trade shows, since they love meeting everyone that buys and wears their jewelry! It’s the customers that really motivate them to be the best that they can be! (And they get some great design ideas from you all too!!!).

Stellar Designs recently introduced sterling silver to their line, and have created the most beautiful personalized stacking rings (based on a customer request!), which have quickly become their best selling item! Who knew that a modern spin on a classic family ring would be so popular!

Be sure to come and say hi to the “Stellar Sisters” at this year’s show, and see what new gems they have created!

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