Scattered Seeds

Blue Pendulum

Blue pendulum jewelry pieces are handmade using watch pieces. These jewelries are one of a kind and all are different from one another to make each piece unique.

Each and every watch gear is carefully selected and arranged in a way to create patterns.

Blue pendulum designer Tharika creates fashion accessories with a feeling. The unique identity of the individual is a source of inspiration for her imaginative and reviving design. The result is often expressive, but always unforeseen. Mixing metals and watch pieces to create interesting color combinations and textures are the main focus. To preserve the originality and uniqueness, only one piece of one pattern is created.

By buying this jewelry you own an original creation and a piece of art that is as unique as you are. All jewelry pieces designed with 90% of vintage and recycled materials to make a perfect minimal companion to your wardrobe.”

2015 Exhibitor Featurette: Tharika Samarakkodige

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