Scattered Seeds

Blacknot Farm

Here’s the thing about me… I have to make. I MUST always have a project on the go or I don’t feel ‘complete’ somehow. I see something beautiful or that I desire and unlike most people who say ‘Oh my! I must buy that!’ my immediate thought is ‘Oh my! I must MAKE that!’ It helps that I absolutely love learning any new skill. I also really love the whole nature thing so a few years ago I bought myself a rural property with lots of mature trees and an old farm house that I renovated. My years of teaching graphic design in a public school and doing some freelance design come in handy in creating unique and one of a kind thingamajigs. I like to work with clay, wood, metal, fabric, paper or anything that’s just lying around that I can see beauty in. This results in an abundance of pretty things that clutter up my house and farm. Friends and family have been happy to receive such items as gifts but the clutter is getting out of hand so I decided to start offering my pretties to the general public. Hope you enjoy!

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