Scattered Seeds

Baloun's Alpaca Acres

Alpaca is all about luxury, beauty and function. It is with great pride, that we produce and market yarns, knitwear, socks, insoles and accessories made from the award winning alpacas of Baloun’s Alpaca Acres.

Raising alpacas has been a family business right from day one. Along with raising the animals, we do our own shearing, sorting, grading and make all decisions regarding the processing and end use of our fibre. It is a rewarding and enjoyable journey taking the fibre from the animal to the end product and ultimately the customer. Many of our items are one-of-a kind hand knit pieces made with exclusive yarns. We put great care and thought into all of the products created through our farm. We love what we do here at Baloun’s Alpaca Acres!

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